Drone Repair

Let us expedite your drone repair process.

CHIPMASTER provides the full services and handle the repair process from start to finish to ensure you are back flying right away. Most DJI Drones repairs are completed within 3 business days. We have a repair staff working 24/7 and will diagnose your drone within 48hours of receiving it.

Diagnose and repair your phantom from crashes or anything that may not be working. Our low flat rate service fee covers you for all the time that our techs may spend working on your DJI Drones. It will also include free return shipping. If we need to replace any parts, we will first notify you. Parts are not included in the service fee.

We will fix at your Home

CHIPMASTER offers a wide range of timely and cost efficient Drone repair. Call or bring your DJI Drones or any other Drones for a quick diagnoses from one of our experienced and qualified Drone technicians. Let us examine your Drones Devices and give you a free diagnosis.

Motor replacement

Changing motor either CCW Counter clockwise or CW clockwise.

Shell Replacement

Shell Replacement is fullybody replacement by the technical expert.

Camera Replacement

A fully Camera replacement with gimbal and flat cable.

Flight controller

Internal flight controller relevant to IMU and PMU

Firmware Update

Software updating for new firmware version for air craft and Transmitter Remote control)

Unpair Controller:

Unpair or unlink Transmitter (Remote control)

Sensor Calibration

Sensor calibration is related to Issue in IMU Calibration for stability of the air craft

Drones we Repair

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