Mobile Phone Repair

Mobile Phone Repair

No matter what smartphone you carry, our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair the issues you are experiencing. We provide you with a detailed quote and make the repairs quickly and affordably at your convenience.

We will fix at your Home

Chipmaster offer the wide range of Smartphones and mobiles repairs and services. We provide best solution for your Smartphone repair in the UAE. We carry a long line of electronic products and parts in stock that we're 100% sure we'll be able to save your any mobile or tablet that you’re using. We offer pick-up and delivery services direct to your house. Worries no more with our fast and efficient online services. Genius and Specialist are always on the go to help your devices work again.



Rear Camera Repair

A fully camera lens replacement or removing the Back camera.


Liquid Damage phone shows water build-up between the touchscreen and LCD, and most likely contains more liquid inside.


Microphone not working when making/receiving calls.


Remove the LCD shield plate from the display assembly and change a brand new one.

Charging port Repair

Replacing the charging port if the phone doesn’t charge or charge very slow.

Earpiece Repair

Repair the Headset jack if phone doesn’t detect when EarPods are plugged or disconnect repeatedly.

Front Camera Repair

Camera changed when it’s damaged or has some scratches resulting it to dark or blank images.

Wifi Repair

Wi-Fi unable to browse internet after connecting to the wireless connection

Other Sevices

Other All Services

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The leading Mobile Repair Service Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and All Over UAE.

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