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We fix a wide variety of electronic devices to wearable tech, audio and video, gaming console, professional camera and many more. Let us examine your electronic gadget and give you a free diagnosis.
We will fix at your Home
CHIPMASTER offers a wide range of timely and cost efficient Gadgets repair. Call or bring your GoPro Camera or any other devices for a quick diagnoses from one of our experienced and qualified computer technicians. Let us examine your electronic gadget and give you a free diagnosis.

Gopro screen replacement

Changing the LCD Damaged Screens by replacing Brand new screens.

Gopro Motherboard / Logic board Repair

Main circuit board assembly for GoPro Hero

Gopro water damage repair

Repairing damaged causing dropped water or any kind of liquid on your GoPro Camera.

Osmo Stabilzers Repair

Stabilization problems, Repairing Gimbal Mount and Adjust tilt of the Camera, Assemble of Osmo.

Scooter Motherboard /Bluetooth Boards Replace

Worked perfectly to replace a bad board in another balance board.

Scooter LED Lights Repair

Replace LED Lights in an Hover board Scooter

Scooter Tires/Fix Loose Tires Replace

Replace the steering-head bearing, Check or Adjust the tire pressure of the balance wheel

Scooter Broken Charger on Board

Replace the charging port board.

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